from a visit to a large waterfall in Sweden. the photos are taken in summer 2015, on a cold day in June. We stopped there for a short walk on our way north while on a roadtrip. I often stop there when on my way to Sweden, i love how large this waterfall is and how powerfull these water masses look.

the photos are a mixture of iphone photos and film camera photos, mostly not edited.


Hello, how are you? long time no posting..i really tried and i did try several times. i do have like 5 draft posts in my unpublished folder…i had really haven’t enough time and nergy to do it yet. i have so much photos to share, i do think about sharing it often, but when i finally find time to do it, i have no energy to do anything like that. i believe winter, coldness and darkness take my energy away. the darkest time is over now nad it is getting lighter every day, so i hope i will be able to do more in the future.


life what happens

it has been a while since last time. i had to login this time and thought for a moment what was the password.

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i was blogging regularly all the spring, then was the summer, holidays and life was slow and good. then holidays were over and school started. we started to try to focus on the usualy routines but then it really got very warm and summery here. we went to the beach almost every day after school/work and made our best to enjoyed every sunny day. many people here did so as well. you just never know how long good weather will last here. my blog was the last thing on my mind. i was taking photos, but not as much as usually. i reall focussed on enjoying summer and warmth and sunlight.

then it all was over. it got colder and darker and I was suddenly funcioning best 8.00 – 16.00 but not so good after that. It takes time to get used to busy schedule and have some energy left after everything neccessary is done.

i have lots of photos. i hope i will have time and energy to edit, organize and to share.

random still life


it has been a nice and long summer holidays, a lovely thing that is coming to end soon. we travelled a bit, rested a lot, slept as much as we wanted to, cooked proper meals and managed some renovation work in the appartament. i really feel relaxed and am able to enjoy life more. I have lots of photos that i am going to share later. For now, some quiet random still life photos, taken during past few months.