colorless Tsukuri Tazaki

I am quite sure that here isn’t a book by Murakami that i haven’t red. so, there is no wonder i grabbed this one when i saw it in my local library. I am a huge fan of his work and although i didn’t equally like all his books, i am always curiuos to read what he comes up with. I loved 1Q84 and hard boiled wonderland and wind-up bird cronicle most of all.
colorless Tsukuri tazaki tells the story on rather the minimalistic and realistic side instead of being on multi-dimentional and Murakami surreal. It is an easy read with the typical casual harmoniuos Murakami storytelling but capturing from the start anyway. the main character is a 36y Tsukuri, who sees himself as rather un-interesting (most readers going to disagree with that, most likely) and his story from when he was very young boy. his present life is intertwinned with his dreams, music, memories and colors in a similar way as in other Murakami books.
a lovely summer read if you like his other books.

i have a feeling that you can find it not exciting enough if you don’t like Murakami in general.