from a visit to a large waterfall in Sweden. the photos are taken in summer 2015, on a cold day in June. We stopped there for a short walk on our way north while on a roadtrip. I often stop there when on my way to Sweden, i love how large this waterfall is and how powerfull these water masses look.

the photos are a mixture of iphone photos and film camera photos, mostly not edited.


Hello, how are you? long time no posting..i really tried and i did try several times. i do have like 5 draft posts in my unpublished folder…i had really haven’t enough time and nergy to do it yet. i have so much photos to share, i do think about sharing it often, but when i finally find time to do it, i have no energy to do anything like that. i believe winter, coldness and darkness take my energy away. the darkest time is over now nad it is getting lighter every day, so i hope i will be able to do more in the future.