I am Kristina. I take a lot of photos everyday, with my Iphone and my old film camera. Other things that i like are reading books, knitting and baking.I also like clothes, shoes, necklaces and perfume. I love to re-decorate my home. I live in Norway with my two kids.

I am posting here pictures that tell stories or pictures that capture moments. You see here captures from our everyday life, flowers i see around me, outdoors plants, still life at my home, soem interior, our baking stories, perfume bottles, some portraits and other things that may feel right for me at that moment. Sometimes i have some words to say in addition to pictures, other times I can not find right words and am silent, but i have always pictures to share, pictures that tell stories.

99% of the photos i share here are taken on film. I have long ago found out that i am not a fan of digital photography. i do take a lot of shots with my iphone to record our daily lifes, but film is my real passion. It is unperfect, unpolished and upredictable. but for me it is often worth it anyway.

I hope that you will find something to enjoy and that you will feel inspired.


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