lately in photos (dominated by purple and pink)


We are on vacation lately, sleeping a lot and enjoying slow days. forgotten are busy schedules and rushed meals. I feel more relaxed already after the first week and happy to feel my energy coming back. The weather hasn’t been nice here this summer but we had a few warm sunny days. the rest was rainy and chilly but not so much can be done about that.

we managed to go for some hiking trips, one short and one longer and had one roadtrip. I took lots of film photos but messed up with camera settings for many shots especially on the sunny days, so a lot editing has to be done to recover at least some. I will try to share these later.

looking at one of the recent film rolls, i found many photos with purples and pinks. This is not something i plan or do on purpose, it just happens. I see my own Instagram accound often themed by lots of all kind of blue, my flickr photos seem to vary in color in different periods of time. Even my Flickr favorites seem to have some color in common. How about you, do you find that your photos are themed by some color, or do you shoot variety of colors?

C007422-R1-05-4A C007422-R1-06-5A C007422-R1-07-6AC007422-R1-08-7AC007422-R1-04-3AC341526-R1-19-15AC341526-R1-21-13AC007422-R1-09-8A

2 thoughts on “lately in photos (dominated by purple and pink)

  1. Lovely photos! I tend to just shoot willy nilly, but I’ve definitely been meaning to go on a shoot where I look for and only look for and shoot a single color…


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